Thursday, 20 December 2012


The Italian showgirl, who gave birth to baby girl Pia earlier in December, told Chi that she has no intentions of getting back with her ex-boyfriend.

In her interview with the magazine, Fico revealed that Balotelli said “I don’t care“, after she told him the news of Pia’s birth.

Following the player’s lack of interest in his daughter, Raffaella has finally decided to carry on on her own as a single mother.

“I will go on without him and his money,” she said.

“My daughter’s door remains open, but the door my heart is closed for good.”

Raffaella Fico says her ex-beau Mario Balotelli is irresponsible.

But while Raffaella previously stated that she was able to raise Pia on her own, she recently revealed that Balotelli was doing nothing to support his daughter.

“He has not spent a penny on her [since her birth], or even called to see if she needs anything.

“Some time ago, he lost interest in me and our daughter.

“Our aim was to get married, but the plan collapsed and I do not know why.

Fico added that her mum and brother witnessed the birth of Pia and filmed it. She also stated that she kept updating Balotelli on the situation through a series of text messages as she entered labour.

Nevertheless, she claims she did not receive the best of responses from the controversial footballer.

Staying strong: Raffaella is expected to raise Pia as a single mother.

“It was only at 00:30 that my phone rang. I told him [Balotelli] that I had given birth. But he said ‘Ah, ok, I am not interested’. That was the last time I heard from him.”

Raffaella Fico is reportedly preparing for a paternity test, which is supposed to confirm that Pia is Mario Balotelli’s daughter.

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